“Adora has been using RiskClear since June 2022 in our Fertility Clinics and Day Surgeries, and we are very happy users! John and Giselle have been extremely professional and committed in delivering the implementation, maintenance, and training of the platform.

RiskClear is a simple and easy to use ‘one stop shop’ for all risk management and quality improvement programs. It is great to be able to access both fertility and day surgery through the same platform.

I would highly recommend RiskClear.”

Marje Rauhala – National Quality, Risk and Compliance Manager; Adora Fertility and Day Surgeries

“RiskClear has proven to be a reliable, easy to use Risk Management and Quality Improvement software system implemented across the five hospitals in the Presmed Australia Day Hospital Group since October 2015 It has facilitated the implementation of our Quality Plan and enabled improved data collection, analysis of data, evaluation of risk and ready extraction of Clinical Indicator benchmarking data. Customer service is excellent, proactive and readily available with solutions tailored to our individual requirements. I would have no hesitation in recommending RiskClear to others.”

Roger Cronin – CEO, Presmed Australia Day Hospital Group

“RiskClear has made completion of our quality circle visible, consistent and reportable.

Both staff and management find it easy to use which has meant that any incidents are actioned quickly and monitored over time. Staff also appreciate receiving a response on the progress and outcome of their reports.

This system provides the required links between risk, incidents, quality, audit and training to enable managers and staff to respond to identified gaps and improve patient outcomes. Being able to allocate tasks, automate reminders and ensure follow up is vital to responsive health care. RiskClear is easy to use, and John and Giselle provide friendly, professional training and support. Their collaborative approach, along with their comprehensive manual, online support and email tutorials enables effective use of the software.”

Ros Kaine – Projects Officer, Neerim Health

“RiskClear has enabled us to replace a manual system with a much more efficient way to manage our quality recording and reporting which saves a lot of time and worry and encourages all staff to be part of the process. John and Giselle are extremely helpful and always respond promptly when we need to reach out for assistance.”

Kathy Howling - General Manager, ParkView Day Surgery